Tuesday, Feb 11th, 2014

Divorce and Round-Ups

lorraineposted by Lorraine Turner


I never thought meditation would have me talking to horses, let alone writing on their behalf. Nonetheless I am excited to announce the release of my very first novel—Calico Horses and the Patchwork Trail. It's the story of how a girl ripped apart by divorce helps the wild mustangs torn from the range. Together they face uncertainties brought on by the decisions of others.

It's available now as an e-book, and as a print release the end of March. Recommended for readers age 8 and up, it's not just a young adult book. Adults who have struggled with adversity are making the connection to the book's themes. I invite you to watch the video (less than two minutes)...

This book was written with the sole purpose of raising awareness to the plight of the wild horses and burros being ripped from their natural habitat. A portion of the proceeds will be donated to support the rescued horses that are now in equine sanctuaries. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

And you thought I was only the Art Director for LOAC...