Little Orphan Annie Vol. 11: 1943-1945

    Death Be Thy Name
    by Harold Gray

    Edited & Designed by Dean Mullaney, Essay by Jeet Heer

    In the depths of the Second World War, Harold Gray paints a dark vision of stateside America when Annie's most loyal friends turn out to be a boarding house full of thieves, forgers, and mindreaders. The red-garbed orphan sees that petty politicians and their underworld companions can deprive a small town of freedom just as easily as can foreign spies, and that a big city can be home to a larger and even more dangerous threat to national security. To Annie's initial joy, "Daddy" Warbucks comes home from war, but this time it's not to be with his beloved adopted daughterrob, die. With "Daddy" gone, Annie ends up terrorized by the wretchedly evil Mrs. Bleating-Hart, who robs Annie of her liberty in a very real and personal way. Reprinting all daily and Sunday strips from August 8, 1943 to April 14, 1945, in the darkest hours before the dawn.

    Oversized 11" x 8.5" full color hardcover-with-dustjacket, 288 pp., $49.99.

    Tarzan Vol. 4: 1974-1979

    by Russ Manning
    Edited & Designed by Dean Mullaney.

    Introduction by Henry Franke

    In the final nine Sunday storylines by Russ Manning-in a whopping two hundred seventy-five weekly episodes-Tarzan returns to Opar, Pellucidar, and Castra Sanguinarius, while Korak finds himself at the Sacred Lake of Krackao and the Elephants' Graveyard. The complete strips run from March 24, 1974 through June 24, 1979.

    Oversized 11" x 8.5" hardcover-with-dustjacket, 296 pp, $49.99.
    ISBN: 978-1-63140-215-9